Oil-Free Scroll Compressors

Ingersoll Rand Scroll Compressor

When efficiency, quiet operation, low maintenance, and a small footprint are critical, Scroll air compressors are the smart choice. Their compact and innovative design make them ideal for many commercial applications where reliable oil-free is required. Our scroll compressors deliver more flow per kW in most cases and reach pressures up to 145 psi in a single stage of compression with no metal to metal contact anywhere – therefore the technology requires no lubrication resulting in high quality oil-free air.


Multiplex Design

The ability to multiplex the design for part-load efficiency means you can operate the exact number of compressors to match your demand.

Cooler Operation

The integral radial flow fan creates built-in intercooling without the need for additional auxiliary fan help.

Microprocessor Control

Manages discharge pressure to meet your air demand, while measuring key operating parameters to reduce unwanted downtime (enclosed units only).

Cooler Discharge Air Temperature

Aftercooler is included in all packages to cool the discharge air with forced air fans included in the enclosed models to insure heat is removed.

Smaller footprint  >  Takes up less floor space 

Fewer components  >  Higher reliability, longer life, less maintenance 

Lower sound level   Healthy work environment

100% oil-free  >  Can be used in any industry 

Use less consumables  >  Longer service intervals and life

No metal friction   Less maintenance 

Zero emissions  >  Meets goals for sustainability

Fewer moving parts  >  Lower vibration

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