Air Compressor Installations

At Air Centers of Florida, our installation team is comprised of over 10 qualified installation technicians who have expertise in the ins and outs of your compressor room. Our team works with you to ensure that you have the right equipment and layout to meet your installation needs. What makes our installation department unique is not only our hardworking and experienced team members, but our dedication to making sure that your compressor room is functional, clean and efficient.  

  • 11 Installation Technicians

    Air Centers of Florida's installation team aims to provide superior piping configurations, utilizing expert knowledgeto maximize uptime and productivity for our customers.

  • 5 Fully Stocked Trailers

    Our trailers act as a shop-on wheels. We have all the parts on hand that are necessary to do a proper installation, making for a quick and efficient installation process. This way, our technicians have the ability to modify or improvise the system if need be.

  • Clean and Functional Installations

    Air Centers of Florida knows that the heart and soul of the compressor room starts with the compressor. That's why we recommend using isolation valves in order to bypass each individual piece of equipment. Without it, the whole system would need to be shut down in order to provide service, which leads to a loss of production time.

  • Diverse Material Knowledge

    In addition to our powder coated aluminum piping, our technicians are capable of installing/adapting to compressor systems with a variety of materials including:
    - Copper
    - Stainless Steel
    - Swagelock
    - Black Iron (threaded/groove lock)

Our Installations

Configured for Convenience 

Air Centers of Florida pipes all compressor discharges up and then down into the system header. This assures liquid water will not get blown downstream and is drained out through drain ports at the lowest point in the system. We also provide Isolation Valves on each compressor discharge above the equipment, this ensures the equipment can be removed without causing a system shutdown or obstruction.

Designed with Safety and Efficiency in Mind

Air Centers of Florida provides a drip leg on each compressor discharge. This allows you to verify air quality and drain the system in the event of service. Inadequately piping an air compressor system will negatively effect the performance of your air dryers and filters, sending dirty air downstream to production. This damages the end user equipment, and doesn’t allow your compressor system to operate most efficiently. This design also helps ensure the safety of our customers and service technicians.

Created for Longevity

Air Centers of Florida connects all pipe in a vertical configuration on each piece of equipment. This drains all liquid water/oil down to the drain ports. Preventing liquid from being pushed downstream. Maintaining high quality and clean air can determine the longevitiy of your equipment, so it is important to ensure that your compressed air system is piped in accordance with your unique air needs.