“Built Florida Tough!”

Manufacturing in the great state of Florida means harsh conditions that must be overcome for any compressed air system to succeed in delivering 100% uptime

  • Brutal Summer Temperatures = production shutdowns + scrap
  • Rising Power Costs = Squeezing Profit Margins
  • High Humidity = scrap + damaged production equipment + increased cost
  • SE US Location = difficult for Non US compressor companies to support!

Your local team at Air Centers Florida combined with Ingersoll Rand American Engineering and Manufacturing understands these needs.  The new R series of rotary compressors were designed to excel in difficult conditions and in challenging times!   This US built compressor will help you focus on your primary objective… to continue to succeed at your business. 


In the coming month we will be bringing one of these units to you!  Air Centers of Florida will be traveling to customers through Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami showing off a NEW RS75 Ingersoll Rand 100 HP Compressor.   This new design exudes American ingenuity, ruggedness and efficiency … more than enough to tackle the Florida heat!


We invite you to SEE the difference… to see for yourselves why Ingersoll Rand and Air Centers of Florida continue to support Florida’s largest customer base of satisfied and profitable customers!