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Genuine Ingersoll Rand replacement parts.
Generac Generator Parts You have, in addition to our own large inventory of genuine Ingersoll Rand replacement parts, direct access to Ingersoll Rand's sophisticated worldwide parts network. Through our proprietary computer system (Distributor Communications System or DCS), we can locate, within minutes,even the most obscure or dated part. Prices, shipping data and schedules are established immediately. And when your need is critical, we can access emergency overnight delivery.

In Stock
We have thousands of air compressor parts in stock and ready to ship.

We also created "Step Saver Kits" that are available and include all parts commonly needed for general maintenance. These include everything needed to complete a major or minor preventative maintenance service.

Let Us Do The Maintenance
Let us tailor the right maintenance agreement for your specific needs. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual inspection and service program intervals that meet your schedule, as well as the manufacturer’s requirements, are available.

We also provide a complete system functionality test, as well as optional services, such as Air Audits and tune up, to keep your system in perfect working order.

Use Genuine Parts
Make sure you buy Ungersoll Rand replacement parts. These parts are specifically designed for your compressor. They not only last longer, but will save you money.

"Service and Parts" you can depend on.

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