Ultrasonic Leak Detection Benefits

With energy costs skyrocketing the importance of implementing a leak detection and repair program for your compressed-air system becomes readily apparent. Especially once you consider that compressed air on average is about 10% of your electricity bill.  Add a leak or several air leaks and your electricity bill can go through the ceiling.

Compressed air leakage is the major contributor of energy loss in compressed air systems. A typical plant may lose up to 30% of its compressed air through poorly maintained pipe joints, fittings, couplings and equipment.

Since air leaks often get progressively worse over time it is entirely possible that you have not correlated your rising electricity bill to a compressed air leak(s).  In fact, you might have blamed your service provider erroneously.

While actively listening for air leaks is your first line of defense, this method has a small degree of effectiveness. The human ear has limitations, especially in a noisy environment. It is generally accepted that leaks up to 6 scfm can go undetected by the human ear.

Our technicians use state-of-the-art ultrasonic leak detectors.  These detectors transform leak sounds so that leaks that were previously undetectable are clearly audible. Once we find the leaks we will record, tag, and quantify them for you.

Where to do we typically find leaks?

  • Aging pipework (corroded joints and take off points)
  • Flange connectors (gaskets and pipe dope that need replacing)
  • Fittings (worked loose)
  • Manifolds
  • Flexible hoses (cuts and splits due to wear and tear)
  • Couplings (damaged seals)
  • Drain valves
  • Pneumatic components including tools, valves and actuators.

If we find any leaks during our survey we recommend that you repair them quickly.  The cost of letting us repair the leak(s) is almost always far less expensive than allowing the leak to continue.  Let our factory trained technicians do a professional job and save you money.

ACF Inc. is a company that supplies reliable Air and Gen systems to maximize your profitability.  We do this through a total solutions approach and by developing solid customer relationships.  Let us help you keep your business running.  Call us today @ 866-308-7133 to find out how we can serve you.

Thank you,
Bill Hogan, Marketing & Technology

Customer Service Means Something!

Every business in the service industry will say they provide the best service possible. Most that have been in business several years can honestly make this claim.  The service industry is a rough and tumble place. It is not for the faint of heart.  Its where if you are not making an effort to provide the best service possible you simply do not survive.

The need to provide great customer service applies doubly in our niche (Air Compressors and Standby Generators).  If we at Air Centers of Florida or ACF Standby Systems get it wrong; production can be stopped cold.  We provide the products and services that keep a company’s production line running during normal operation and during times of emergency.

Assembly lines without reliable air flow will often fail. It is a little known fact that compress air is often called the forth utility because of its importance to manufacturing. Compressed air is a workhorse in today’s factories with several different job responsibilities.  Over 10% of industrial electricity is used to generate compressed air.

Speaking of industrial electricity, backup generators that do not start after a storm plays havoc with power lines will have a direct impact on production. Reliable backup power provides a company with peace of mind during Florida’s stormy summer weather.

We know that a small service mistake on our part can be magnified a thousand fold since the consequence of failure means something of value. That is why we go way above and beyond to meet our customer’s expectations.  Our factory trained technicians go through a detailed checklist and have an intuitive understanding of how your compressor and/or generator functions. They understand that failure is not an option.

We have survived this rough and tumble industry since 1987 by providing the best customer service possible.  We will continue to survive by maintaining our customer centric philosophy.

ACF Inc. is a company that supplies reliable Air and Gen systems to maximize your profitability.  We do this through a total solutions approach and by developing solid customer relationships.  Let us help you keep your business running.  Call us today @ 866-308-7133 to find out how we can serve you.

Thank you,

Bill Hogan, Marketing & Technology

Life at ACF: It’s all about culture!

At ACF we have an excellent total compensation & benefits package, but the number one benefit is our culture!  ACF has a uniquely family-friendly, “work hard-play hard” environment.  Our team works hard to keep us profitable and maintain our competitive edge, and our company responds by providing a fun, open forum that positively impacts our team’s work-life balance.

Working hard maintains our…
Bonus plans, annual merit increases, holiday pay, paid time off, bereavement and jury duty pay, commissions, 401k company match & profit sharing, paid training, tuition reimbursement, employer premium contributions to medical/dental/vision insurance (health benefits eligible within 31 days!), ACF paid term life insurance, short & long term disability, and accidental death & dismemberment insurance.  Technicians are assigned vehicles and uniforms, fuel card, cell phone, and toll transponder.

Playing hard means keeping traditions alive…
Holiday parties, family summer events, department appreciation events, and various recognitions & rewards.  ACF also has an open-minded leadership that welcomes innovation, problem solving, and feedback. However, nothing speaks louder about the value of our culture than the loyalty of our long standing team and the high participation rate of our company events!

Interested in being part of our culture?  If you are an experienced Air Compressor and/or Generator Technician please contact our human resources today at careers@acfpower.com or dial 800-282-5359 ext 103.

Compressed Air ~ Material Handling and Uses

Drive by any construction site and you will see numerous compressed air tools in use. Everything from jack hammers to staple guns. Turn on the TV to watch your favorite NASCAR race and you will hear the loud whizzing noise of an air gun as the pit crew member zips off the tires. Go to any mechanic shop and it is filled with impact wrenches, paint sprayers, grinders and a host of other tools that run on compressed air. These tools are used because they get the job done faster.

What you may not know is that compressed air is used in many industries that might surprise you. I know the first industry on my list might not surprise you; however there are some uses inside of this industry were compressed air use is unexpected.

Industrial Applications

You cannot build a modern day facility without depending on air to do a lot of the work packaging products and running the conveyor belts. The tools that fix these machines and transport heavy crates or products to different parts of the facility are often pneumatic. Surprisingly, compressed air is also used to facilitate chemical processes, cryogenics, dehydration, and refrigeration.


Screeching down a roller coaster is only fun if the brakes work. Yep, you got it–air brakes. Or imagine cruising down a lazy river in your tube and a blast of water shoots in your direction. The water is launched from an air canon. These are obvious uses of compressed air. However, did you know that compressed air is used to seed and fertilize golf courses, or clean the movie projector screen at your favorite theater, or used to make and shoot the artificial snow for ski resorts during uncooperative weather?


Compress is used in fertilizer machines and allows a farmer to fertilize hundreds of acres of crops in a day. The majority of equipment used on farms from dairy facilities to vegetable processing has a component that is powered by compressed air. Unless you caught or grown your food yourself, all the food served at your dinner table involves compressed air in packaging, transport, and/or processing.


A lot of the clothes you wear and the rug that cushions your feet at home was likely the result of a compressed air process. Compressed air is used to power the machines that sew, mix liquid dyes for coloring, jet weave, spin thread, and apply texture to clothing. Compressed air is an integral part of textile industry.

If you were to look closely you might be surprised at all the uses of compressed air and how it touches our lives in unexpected ways. Air Centers of Florida not only has trained technicians that can service and maintain your compressed air systems, but we have a full product line of compressed air tools, hoists, and air starters. Go to our sister site www.floridaairtools.com to find our more.

We provide a total solution approach to your business needs.

Let us help you keep your business running.

Thank You,
Bill Hogan, Technology & Marketing

Summer Air Dryer Tunes Ups

I know this topic is not on everyone’s mind, but ignoring your Compressed Air Dryer can be a costly mistake. The purpose of a Compressed Air Dryer is to enhance the performance of your air system, which in turn increases the output to the attached tools. How you ask?

The process of compressing air ensures that it will contain water in both liquid and vapor forms.  As it travels through your system this liquid and vapor washes away the lubricants that keep your compressed system running smoothly.  Eventually this can cause a failure as the additional friction accelerates wear and tear of the system’s mechanical parts.

Excessive moisture can even affect the performance of the production process. For example: Mixing water with sand bast media will clog nozzles, elbows, and hoses – halting production. Mixing water with paint is the perfect recipe for a ruined job; one that will cost you time and materials. Florida’s summer rising dew point levels guarantee that the moister level in the air will increased dramatically. Normally, this excessive water vapor doesn’t cause too many problems, that is until it is cooled down and turned into a liquid. Unfortunately the natural process of expanding compressed air through any output device lowers the temperature of the air.  When air is cooled enough by the expansion process you will get liquid.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to compress air without compressing water along with it. This is true even during the driest of seasons. Anyone that has lived in Florida during the summer season will attest that it is a brutal wet climate. Besides the moister rich tropical climate another of nature’s rules is enforced; the hotter the air, the more water it can hold. And Florida’s summers are no stranger to heat.  Now imagine taking this thick soupy summer air and compressing it along with all the water it contains.  Tick, tick.

While an air dryer will not remove all the moister out of the air, one in good working condition will significantly lower the dew point (amount of moister). This will help prevent failure and get the performance you expect out of your tools.  Which in turn will increase your production and profits.

Now the importance of your “Summer Air Dryer Tune Up” should hit home. Air Centers of Florida’s factory trained service personal follow a detail check list to ensure your air dryer is working at its peak performance during the summer months.  Let us help you keep your business running.  Call us today at 866-880-4456.

Thank you,

Bill Hogan, Marketing & Technology